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Kura Art Of Kenya - Toffi

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  • Wild Kura – is a very soft and comfortable nursing pillow.

    The cotula is modern and has many uses, it is suitable for cuddling, to sleep with or as an aid for breastfeeding.

    Parents will also find it very useful during a trip using it as a pillow when using the laptop, reading a book or watching TV.

    It is made of soft fabric while internally it consists of certified anti-allergic silicone making it more elastic and ready to face your every need.

    The product must be used under adult supervision. It is hand sewn with the best quality materials.

    It is packed and shipped in a linen bag with the company label and decorated with a cute little heart. It will make a stylish, practical gift at a baby shower, birthday or any special occasion.

    Dimensions: 44 x 49 cm (+/- 2 cm)

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