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  • How can I order?
    Via Internet: You place your order at, by opening the page of the product you are interested in and pressing the "Add to cart" button. By then following the instructions that will appear step by step, you will easily complete your order, which will either be sent to the address of your choice. Alternatively you can send us the codes you are interested in by mail to or on Facebook Messenger. The Customer Service Department will contact you to register your information and preferences (payment method, collection method, etc.) By phone: Write down the codes of the products you are interested in and call us at (+30) 2271026119. Our call center team will answer all your questions and help you choose the product or products that best suit your needs. your. In our store: If you live in Chios, we will be very happy to meet you and help you choose the products you are looking for, N. Vamva 2 & Rodokanaki 29, Chios, TK 82100
  • I forgot my password. What should I do?
    If you have forgotten your password, click the button "Forgot my password" on your account login page and send an e-mail to Then our representative will contact you as soon as possible in order to reset your password.
  • How can I cancel or change my order?
    This depends on the status of your order. If your order has not yet been shipped, you can cancel all or part of it. If your order has already been shipped, it is not possible to return it. In any case, however, you will need to contact the store first by phone at (+30) 2271026119 or alternatively at (+30) 6932432455 and you will be served immediately.
  • How long does it take to ship my order?
    When your order is complete and ready to ship, we deliver: within 3-7 working days depending on product availability. In remote and hard-to-reach areas, delivery time can take up to 10 working days.
  • How can i register?
    Get started by selecting the "LOG IN" button located at the top of our website. Then, after you have filled in your e-mail in the "I AM A NEW CUSTOMER" field, select "REGISTER" and fill in the necessary information.
  • How can I collect my order from the store?
    In order to be able to pick up the package of the order you placed online, you must first contact the store by phone. Then you will need to have with you : – The e-mail sent to you for receipt (either printed or displayed on your mobile screen). – ID, Diploma or Passport.
  • Can the item I am returning be replaced with another item?
    By calling the store on (+30) 2271026119 or (+30) 6932432455 you can indicate the product you wish to be sent for replacement. If it is available we can reserve it for you and proceed with the shipment after we first receive the item you returned. In the event that your order has not been executed and has left our central warehouse and if you wish to replace the items you have received, you must first refund the item or items you are returning and then place a new order with the new items you want.
  • I received my order but some item is defective. What should I do?
    All the products of our company go through strict quality controls. However, if you find a defect in the item you received, please contact us by phone at (+30) 2271026119 or (+30) 6932432455 and we in turn will inform the courier company we work with.
  • What are the payment & shipping methods?
    PAYMENT METHODS A) Cash on delivery Possibility of payment by cash on delivery, cash on delivery to the distributor. SHIPPING METHODS Shipping within Greece All orders are processed the next day and delivered via a courier company to any region of Greece. Depending on the availability of the products of the order, the products are delivered to your area from 3 to 5 working days. Shipping costs are €3.00. TRANSPORT AGENCY For parcels of large volume or weight such as lighting, using the service of transport agencies has proven to be the most advantageous option. This particular shipping method requires payment for the order. Before sending the products, there is a telephone communication. Specifically the transports are configured according to the table below: up to 4 kg transport cost €30 up to 5 kg transport cost €15 up to 6 kg transport cost €20 up to 7 kg transport cost €25 up to 8 kg transport cost €30 up to 8 kg transport cost €35 up to 8 kg transport cost €40 Orders over 25 kg are priced on a case-by-case basis after consultation.
  • Product return terms & conditions
    If for any reason you are not satisfied with the product you received, you can return it to us within 4 days (with its complete packaging), assuming the cost of its transport. Instead, if you wish, you specify which product you wish to replace it with of equal value, or if the new product has a greater value, you only pay the difference. In the event that you receive a different product from the one you ordered or it has a defect, we will bear the cost of returning and shipping the new item as long as we have been informed in writing and agreed on the shipping method. In the event that the product is determined not to be covered by the warranty (e.g. product abuse, insufficient maintenance, etc.) then it will be returned to you at your own expense including the cost of shipping of the initial receipt borne by our company. For cases where we undertake the transport costs, the unannounced return of products will not be accepted by our stores and will be returned to the sender.
  • Necessary conditions for exercising the right of withdrawal
    1) The product packaging has not been opened and the product has not been used. 2) The product has not been removed from the packaging in which it was delivered to you by the courier company. 3) For items that include special packaging, such as products related to hygiene, their packaging should not have been tampered with or damaged. 4) Any other labels or markings (e.g. stickers, brand markings, etc.) on the products have not been removed. Also, all items must be returned in the perfect condition received without damage, without any defects (subject to the return of a defective product), complete and in their packaging (for items received in special packaging - p .eg fragile products - they should be returned in their special packaging), while it should also be accompanied by all the necessary documents. The product must be accompanied by all the necessary documents proving the transaction.
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